How to monetize your screens within your facility.

Here are the two most common reasons we’ve come across explaining why there is not content playing on the screens:

1. Keeping up with creating fresh content is not manageable.

Most sports facilities do not have a large staff and content creation and then connecting it to the device takes time, time that most facility staffs do not have.

2. The great deal that [insert cable provider… Xfinity, Verizon, etc.] had has run out and it doesn’t make sense to pay for cable to be running on that screen.

We have heard this one over and over again. Facilities are getting hammered by changes in rates with cable providers. I have seen facilities with cable bills well over $300/month for screens that are not being turned on each day! The only time they are turned on is when dads track down a staff member to turn on the Patriots game (this is the NFL team everyone watches, right?!).

The bottom line – there are better ways to leverage the screens you have in your facility without getting raked over the coals by cable providers.

If I ditch cable, what about the Pats games?

There is an interesting side note here. With HD antennas and live streaming options we have today, we’re testing ways to pull in your favorite games on the cheap. We are testing both on the South Shore of Massachusetts with two of our partners – so I will keep you posted. If you’re doing something innovative to kill the cable bill and keep the game on, we would love to hear about it!

Our ESPOT Facility Partner Program Can Help

First off, instead of paying to have your screens hang there, we will pay you. That’s right: you have the opportunity to earn up to 50% of the net revenue on your screens.

Drive sponsorship revenue into your facility. We guide our facility partners in creating digital sponsorship packages that can be sold to businesses advertising in your community.

Digital advertising is powerful, scalable and something that advertisers are keen to do vice hang an 8’x8’ banner on your wall. It’s more engaging, gets more eyes and the content can be used in multiple locations (scaleable).

The ESPOT Marketing Team creates sales slicks, sign up forms and handles all the content creation for our partners who are selling digital ads in their facilities. We also handle all the billing, making sure the content plays on your screens and reporting to the businesses on total impressions, reach and ad placement.

ESPOT remotely manages the content for our facility partners.

All we need is power and a WiFi connection to remotely manage the content displaying on your screens. We are able to schedule content, remove, edit and replace content as you send us new information and bring in new digital sponsors. Again: all you need to do to have fresh content on your screens, is to hit the power button!

What happens if the WiFi network goes down?

This is a great question and a problem we run into from time to time. It’s no big deal – the content based on the last connection will continue to loop until the connection is re-established. If there’s ever an issue with what’s being displayed on your screens, simply contact your ESPOT representative and we will solve the problem right away.

To learn more about how the ESPOT Facility Partner Program can help you turn your screens into revenue producers for your facility, drop us a line at

Let’s get started!