For everyone else out there who is always looking for additional revenue sources: I wanted to share this quick synopsis of what is required to bring additional revenue into your facility. On my way back to from setting up three new ESPOT Facilities in Connecticut, I met up for a beer with an old teammate. Like many of my lacrosse buddies, he’s a simple man – and after when he asked what it takes to become a facility partner, I had to give it to him in simple terms.

I told him it really boils down to these three qualifications for a sports facility to bring in revenue through our ESPOT Facility Partners Program:

  1. Does your facility have electricity?
  2. Is there an internet connection in your facility?
  3. Do any of your staff have the ability to turn on a television screen?

If you answer yes to all of these questions about your facility; let’s talk!  Drop us a line and let’s connect!